Erik Barnes

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The piano and vocal musical stylings of Erik Barnes bring a sophisticated and romantic ambiance to any room…

Erik Barnes was born in Buffalo, New York, raised there and in Seattle, Washington.  His formal education in music began with private piano lessons followed by degrees from Yale College (B.A.), Washington State University (M.A.) and doctoral studies at the University of North Texas, where he was both a teaching fellow and part time faculty member.
At the University of North Texas, Barnes discovered that the pure joy of making music, whether classical, jazz or pop, was his true passion and decided to focus all of his energies on his performing career. He has performed concerts in many of the major cities in the U.S. including, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Phoenix, San Antonio, Chicago, New York, Boston, Buffalo, Tampa and Atlanta. He has also played with four orchestras in the southwest.
There are few venues, however, where one can play Beethoven, Amy Winehouse and George Gershwin in the same set.  The Library at the Warwick Melrose for Mr. Barnes is such a venue.  Every evening there is  a unique experience ranging from a “laid back hang” to a rockin’ good time.  Sometimes the music occupies a background role and other times it is front and center. On some occasions, touring musicians agree to sit in.  Gladys Knight’s background vocalists, singers for the Electric Light Orchestra, as well as a host of gifted local performers have all graced the room with their talents.  Chance meetings with celebrities such as John Mayer, Gregory Hines, Bobby Short, and many others keep open the possibility that the elusive brush with fame will occur.

Most of all, Mr. Barnes enjoys indulging all musical requests because they allow the audience to play a role in determining the overall feel of the room which is always romantic.The Library Bar, located in the Melrose Hotel Dallas, has been named “the Top Place to Sip and Sup” by the Wall Street Journal, “Best Bar in the Greatest City on Earth” by Maxim Magazine, one of the best “Seduction Spots for America’s Best Bars” by Playboy Magazine and Consistently Chosen as one of Dallas’ best Piano Bars.

Dallas’ “piano man” has been delighting patrons of The Library bar for more
than 15 years, including notables like Bobby Short, Alanis Morissette,
Gregory Hines and John Mayer. Whether it’s romantic ballads “when love is
in the air” or upbeat tunes for business types who need to decompress, Erik
says “the room isn’t about me, it’s about the people who inhabit it.”