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Levi Bradford is the Owner | Chief Executive Officer of Neighborhood Arts & Music School (NAMS) and Noise Umbrella Records. NAMS offers a variety of creative education classes, aimed towards furthering the imagination of those wanting to dive deeper into the arts. The company started off as a music school, and morphed quickly into a full fledged recording, art, and film studio located in North Dallas. With the addition of the recording studio, many producers, students, mixing engineers, and mastering engineers flocked to the facility. After a year of business and a portfolio of dozens of records, we realized the education community was the backbone for funding the studio’s creative process. Founded from the hopes of creating a platform for the artists we’ve recorded, Noise Umbrella Records was created to help push talent further into the real world. The record label will launch fully in 2014, focusing on record production, publishing, artist management, and artist booking.


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