Mike Webb

Mike Webb

Born and raised in Lawton, Oklahoma, Mike Webb is a hometown favorite.  By day, he works at Goodyear and has for over 27 years.  By night, he takes local stages and has a devoted following that will fill any venue where he appears.  Mike has mostly country influences in his singing, but loves to include 70′s and 80′s soul and R&B in his sets.  His deep rumbling voice can churn out a ballad like none other.  When he sings Elvis – heads turn.


Mike began singing in his 30’s – until then he didn’t really know he could.  He would play around with Elvis tunes and people would tell him what an awesome voice he had.  He started singing karaoke and was always winning contests.  In 1992 he made is first live appearance at the old Southern Club in Lawton.  “I was nervous, but the guys in the band made it easy to sing a few songs that evening.”


Mike has always been comfortable in the spotlight, though.  Anyone will tell you that he is quick with a joke and keeps everyone around him laughing.  He has a natural stage presence and humor that keeps the crowd engaged.  From his “holler and swaller” to his “Hello Darlin”, there is no denying when Mike Webb is in the house – people want to be there.


“When folks come talk to me during a break in the show and tell me that they are glad they came out to hear me sing… it just makes you feel special.”


Currently Mike sings with the Kenny Gholson Band and the Terry Allen Band.  He does acoustic shows with another amazing local talent, Waylon Holley.  My musical Influences are Elvis, George Jones, Gene Watson and CCR - the 70’s music is the soundtrack to my life.”


What’s most important to Mike?  “My daughter, Kimberly.  She means everything in the world to me.  I drive down to Austin every chance I get to spend time with her.  The weekends I can’t be with her, I sing at Terry Allen’s Guitar Bar and special events when they come my way.”


“It’s great to know that I connect with friends and strangers.  It makes it that much more exciting to sing in L-Town!”


“Whether is an acoustic show with just a guitar and one other singer … or a full band with lots of people dancing – if it involves me on stage singing – I’m In!”